Hello, our names are Evan and Drew Gallis.
We both pursue our own hobbies relating to technology, and are both attending RIT for Computing Security.

Evan Gallis

I am currently working towards my BS in Computing Security at Rochester Institute of Technology. My current plan is to complete multiple internships/co-ops to fulfill my major and to be prepared for the professional field while sharpening my skills in a dynamic organization. I am extremely motivated when it comes to working on projects and learning new skills. My focus is in automated deployment, monitoring, and security.

Drew Gallis

With the rise in cloud technologies utilized in the Industry today, hosting services on the cloud is becoming an industry best standard centered around efficiency and availability. I am currently an Undergraduate Senior Computing Security student who has a passion centered around custom cloud integrations and security analytics. Overall I work with containerized cloud services (AWS/AZURE), web applications (FLASK, MERN, etc.), and analysis/collector tools (Elasticsearch, Kibana, Grafana, etc.). With this in mind, I will continue to strive to learn and follow industry standards centered around securing web/mobile applications and proving them through auditing/testing.